Monday, November 23, 2009

LoCoMaMa Designs - Bloomin Bands

I have been blessed that I've had the opportunity to meet Colleen Dempsey and Lori Harris of LoCoMaMa Designs. These two ladies have been friends since high school and started their own business about a year ago. I went to school with Colleen's husband Mark and he was advertising LoCoMaMa Designs on his Facebook. I went to a LoCoMaMa open house in Midland and fell in love with their fancy, but functional products. Fast forward to now and I am part of the LoCoMaMas. I create/design the Bloomin' Bands . . . Check them out on the web page. They are so fun - I have a great time working with Lori and Colleen and the other mamas.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Convo in the VW.

Today I had the day off so Viv and I (of course) went shopping. This was my favorite conversation that we had in the car . . .

Vivian: Mom, why is there someone else in my class named Vivian?
Me: Your name is Vivian, but his name is Vivi-on. The names are both spelled the same, but pronounced different.
Vivian: Why do we have to call him Vivi-on?
Me: Because that is his name.
Vivian: Can we call him something else?
Me: Sure. Sometimes we call you Vivi or V
Me (puzzled): Did you just call me SIS?
Vivian: Yes - Sometimes I like to call you SIS, mommy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Excuse You

We were all sitting watching Max & Ruby when:

Vivian: BURP!
Me: Ummm, excuse you.
Vivian (giggling): Daddy, did you hear that?
Justin: Yes, what do you say?
Vivian: Can you ask me what it tasted like?

**Justin and I look at each other shocked and trying not to laugh

Me: Who taught you that?
Vivian (laughing): It tasted like coney dog.

**Justin shaking his head. Me still not trying to laugh

Me: You didn't even eat a coney dog.
Vivian: I know, but that's what Grandma always says. Her burps taste like coney dog!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

You Know Mama Had a Long Week When . . .

10. Mama hadn't had a chance to see the weather and sent her child with her fall coat instead of winter. One morning the teacher greets her with, Viv has been complaining that she is cold in that jacket.

9. The cafeteria workers ask her if her lunch is "for here" or "to go" and she replies with "french fries, please."

8. Mama had to schedule "bathroom breaks" in her Outlook calendar to remind her when to go . . .

7. She walked out of the office at midnight only to find that her car lights had been on since noon. Thankfully, it started!

6. Dinner is served out of the candy vending machine.

5. Mama takes the elevator down one floor.

4. Mama takes the elevator up one floor.

3. She step in the elevator and can't understand why it doesn't move . . .It takes awhile for Mama to realize she is pushing the 8 button and that is the floor she is already on.

2. Five hours of sleep feels like 9 hours of sleep.

1. Standing in front of the mirror spraying perfume in her hair instead of root boost.

** Yes - That was Mama's week last week . . .

Jennifer Freeland
Jennifer Mott Freeland

Friday, November 6, 2009

Life is Your Art - life. love. joy.

Each year we get Viv's pictures taken professionally for our holiday card. I wanted something different this year and admired the work of Renee' at Captured Photography ( I scheduled a photo shoot - The next big step (or so I thought) was going to be picking out an outfit for Viv. I came across this Esty shop, and was thrilled with what Bobbityboo had to offer. We heart Bobbityboo and she has quickly become our Auntie Bobbi. So . . . Picking the outfit out was easy, showing up with Viv at the nature center was easy, waiting for the proofs was hard, BUT the decision of what pictures to order is going to be the hardest!!!!! I want them all!!!

To see Renee's favorite photos from Viv's shoot, check out her blog:

Enjoy!!! Let me know your choices for our holiday card this year . . .